Mindmap on a “4 Hour” work week (Truth revealed)

Fellow entrepreneurs, 

Since 2007, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs
and anyone wanting to make a little
extra m0ney on the side have been
fascinated with “The 4 Hour Work

Yet after more than 10+ years, long
after the publication of Tim Ferris’
famous book… we aren’t exactly flush
with “4 Hour Week Workers”.

Why? Because not many people realize how
much it takes to GET to the “4 Hour
Work Week” state.

Here’s What You Need:
• A Proven Successful Business Model
• Systems To Make Things Simple
• People & Automation To Run Things
That stuff doesn’t come out of thin

But sometimes… it does exist.

The 100k Shout Out provides
everything… you just have to put it to
work… and get paid.

It’s an entire proven business model
– 99% automated.
It has to be seen to be believed.

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All Success,
The NPD guy

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