How to build an Email List that converts

It’s pretty clear that the success of your business as an Internet Marketer is so much dependent on your Email list. The size of list you have and the trust you build on them is just guaranteed success.

There are so many ways to grow your email list.

But firstly, have you ever stopped to think why people sign up for your email list?

The truth is, it’s not because they want to fill up their inbox with so much mails.

It’s simply because they think you have something valuable to offer them that’s why they sign up.

So, what is ‘value’ to your audience?

What can you offer to them that will help them solve their daily problems?

Are you selling a product that will better their lives?

These should be part of your focus when crafting your Email Marketing Campaign.

The moment  your Email Marketing is focused on solving the problems of your email lists, you automatically earn their trust and set the foundation for an awesome relationship.

Now, one of the ways to grow your email list is to launch great products either on JVZoo or Warriorplus etc. 

When you launch products and increase your email lists, you don’t just start promoting other products to them, rather you start by knowing their needs, establishing a better relationship with them first before anything else.

This is a sure way of keeping your subscribers and not letting them unsubscribe from your mailing list. Reasons because you provide value to them hence, they begin to trust you and this is however, the first process of list building.

Another way is to invest in solo ads and paid traffic but this is not where it ends. There’s a lot of work to do after growing an email list from solo ads and paid traffic.

After getting this email list from sources like this, always try as much as possible to provide value to them. 

You can conduct a poll/survey/interview to know their areas of interest, areas they have failed in the past trying to grow their business etc and then offer solutions to them as well as keep giving them freebies/tips on how to further grow their business.

In doing so, you have fully gained their trust and confidence in you and If you decide to send a promotion campaign about a certain product they would listen to you and show interest.

Also note that you are not the sole owner of your email lists because other Marketers are possibly sharing the same list with you, now it lies in your hands to be in control of your lists. It’s more like competition in the marketplace, whoever builds a stable relationship with his/her email lists wins the person over. Meaning that you always have to be in tip-top shape with your Email lists to enable easy conversions and this is the beginning of your success as a Marketer.

It’s always important to put the interest of your subscribers before anything maybe $$.

And how do you do this? 

Do not promote any product that does not offer value to subscribers

This is where some marketers fail despite their huge email list. If you promote a crappy product to your email list, they buy it and then realize it wasn’t worth the hype, they lose their trust in you and may not listen to you any further when you try to promote another product to them be it a great product.

Also always be willing, ready and available to help your email list get results with the products you promote to them. Assist them with tools/content/ideas that would be very useful to them with the product. This is one great strategy that makes your subscribers gain your trust. To be honest there’s a lot of work in making this happen and when you achieve this, conversions are at your fingertips.. 

You can do so by a simple follow-up of the product you promote to them, making sure they’re happy with it, guide them further on how to use the product if they’re having issues with probably the video tutorials on how to use the product to get results. This shows you have their interest at heart, remember these email lists are humans just like you, the way you treat them is the same way they will reciprocate when you promote a product to them unlike other Marketers that stop at making sales.

One thing you should know is that some people are lazy, if you don’t walk through a one-on-one session with them to further know if they’re happy with the product you may find out that some people that bought the product, dumped it and called it crappy because they do not know how to use the product. Which means they won’t listen to you any further when you offer some sort of promotion to them again.

Organize polls/surveys and also offer free content like softwares/products to help them grow their business etc. This will make you stand out from other Marketers that only promote products to their email list instead of providing value as well.

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