Shortcuts are for suckers

Yeah, I said it. And I mean it.

Every day we see ads offering shortcuts. The people who buy from those ads are suckers. There’s no real shortcuts.

Think about it, when you’re driving and someone says “I know a shortcut” all they are saying is I know a different route that already exists. The word “shortcut” just makes it seem cooler.

I see people promising shortcuts to getting ripped and being 10% <em>body fat</em>. There’s no real shortcut there. It’s just hard work in the gym and good decisions in the kitchen.

If there was a “shortcut“; to being a millionaire everyone would take it. If there’s was a REAL shortcut to making millions we would all be rich. Not just some of us.If there was a shortcut to beating addiction, no one would be addicted.

I even see ads for pills (shortcuts) to having a bigger d…..c..k. If these pills worked we’d all be using a wheelbarrow to push our c….ks around.

Shortcuts are designed to sucker people into thinking there’s an easy way to do hard work; that’s total BS.

Newsflash: There isn’t! Shortcuts at best, lead to short term results. No one wants just a taste of the good life. We want it for the rest of our life.

Stop being a sucker and falling for shortcuts.

Instead be smart and put in the work, do your time, and make your dreams come true forever.

No billionaire ever said “I got here because I took a shortcut

No fitness pro ever said “I look this way because I took a shortcut

Ask anyone who has had long term results, and their answer is unanimous: They put in lots of hard work.


’cause shortcuts are for suckers.

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If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain