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The myMailIt service will provide you an emailing and autoresponder program very cost effectively. This is especially useful for those small businesses and business start ups when business expenses need to be mitigated and kept low for the long run. Typically for active online marketers and large firms, emailing is one of the larger ongoing expenses. A new platform is on the scene now, providing a needed change.





myMailIt released to the public early April 2018

Looking at the early stat below, myMailIt is going to grow quickly by providing a suitably functional and cost effective system for marketers, entrepreneurs, small business and established firms.



User Georgi sent email No. 2,410,830 with myMailIt system on 04/19/2020 and “0” cost in monthly fees!





myMailit one time payment with PayPal or through credit card



myMailIt autoresponder and emailing

When it comes to myMailIt, it is a full featured, cloud based email platform that allows unlimited subscribers and unlimited emails without a monthly fee. While this is the ‘next evolution’ to the original MailIt plugin do not let the similar name fool you. It is not an upgrade or a new version. myMailIt is not a WordPress plugin and is a completely new system build from the ground up as a cloud based platform with a ton of new features such as:

The ability to schedule emails and have them go out at any date or time in the future. You can set the platform to work in any timezone you like, and the system will also automatically create an alternate text based version of your emails for maximum deliverability.

The ability to create unlimited automatic follow up sequences that get sent to your subscribers. These sequences can also have unlimited emails in them.

The ability to create email lists that are single or double optin so you can be complaint with local emailing  regulations. You can also create forms that are designed to be compliant with the new European Union GDPR regulations.

A full featured drag and drop form builder so you can create optin forms that make you look professional and get maximum conversions.
Full stat tracking and reporting.
… and way to many more features to list here…





Get all this -AND- Stop making monthly payments for your emailing

myMailit was created by a 7 figure internet marketer who knew what was needed and subsequently beta tested the system with over 400 users to come up with an amazingly functional, yet cost saving platform service.

You can have unlimited lists, have unlimited subscribers, send unlimited emails, set up unlimited automated sequences and/or unlimited scheduled emails; all at one low cost. Everything unlimited!



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myMailit one time payment with PayPal or through credit card